First of all, I wish all of you a happy new year 2016! 2015 ended on a high note as far as I'm concerned, by viewing of Star Wars The Force Awakens, a movie that fulfilled all my expectations and hope for the future of Star Wars.

On the John Carter front, the year 2015 ended with two wonderful articles released after the release of Star Wars episode 7, one in French and one iun English, on the official Star Wars website, no less, reminding the influence the saga of Edgar Rice Burroughs had on the George Lucas saga, and recalling of unfairly the movie was received in theaters. I'm writing about that over here:

The rights for John Carter were reverted to ERB Incorporated in October of 2014, and to this day no one bought them. ERB Inc just evoked during the year that there seemed to be more interest from producers for a tv show instead of another movie, but nothing materialized as of now. For daydreamers like me that still hope in spite of every odds, 2016 wilol see the release of the sequel to Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, also directed by Andrew Stanton. If the movie is as profitable than the first one, which gained 936 millions dollars in 2003, fans hope that it will bring Stanton enough clout to negociate a sequel to John Carter, if he still wants to do it. As for products derived from the novels, the John Carter roleplaying game at Modiphius Games, which was originally due to release for Christmas of 2015, will be tested eventually in January, with preorders planned in February or March. 2016 should also be the year where, in the same company, would be released a figure game and a boardgame.

But the big news for 2016 for all Edgar Rice Burroughs lovers, is the release of David Yates' The Legend of Tarzan, on July the 1st. The teaser released on December of 2015 favorably impressed many people, who didn't expect such images. The teaser has been seen 13 millions times on Youtube, which is double right now than the direct rival of Tarzan, released on the same day, The BFG (Big Friendly Giant), a Disney movie for kids directed by Steven Spielberg. Even if The Legend of Tarzan doesn't seem to be in anybody's top 20 of most anticipated movies of 2016, it could nonetheless be a surprise hit.

(picture by Khanada Taylor)