On the Casus No roleplaying game message board, one of the posters asked the title of my novel, I gave it to him and indicated that I would send him the ebook, but he insisted to buy it on Amazon, which was a very nice gesture. That's my first sale in 3 months! And not only did he buy it, he also read it right away, and this Sunday, March the 23rd, he was kind enough to post a very positive comment on Amazon.fr (translation from French by me)!

4.0 stars out of 5 Super supers! 23 march 2014 by Vivien Prigent

"What a great surprise with this little book! The story turns around the Sister Love character, whose extraordinary longevity allows the author to lead his plot alternating between contemporary and flashback episodes, and many events took me nicely by surprise. I only regret that the whole was too short, because some really astounding ideas (notably the son of Sister Love) aren't thus fully exploited. Of course if you expect to find a cizeled character study worthy of a literary price, don't bother. But if, trying to revive your interest in superheroes, you're seeking an intelligent book, written by an unpretentious author et who visibly took pleasure in it, you're just one click from happiness! The superhero novel isn't very frequent, as the genre mostly evokes comic books ; in French, I only know the Romain d'Huissier novels (some are translated in English!), but the most known series in the genre is the Wild Cards books, made in USA. And, in spite of the prestigious patronage of G.R.R.Martin they have, it seems to me that "Mais qui est donc Sister Love ?" perfectly stands the comparison. Personally, I enjoyed more this reading than many of the Wild Cards. It's devoid of any intelectual complex and if the second degree is not absent, it's handled in an sufficiently affectionate way to not ruin the ambiance."

A thousand thanks to you, Vivien, it's a very encouraging feedback, I'm very happy with it! Thanks!

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