First observation, the free promotion started with several hours of delay but was stopped just at the right time, therefore that wasn’t 4 full days of promotion. That perhaps wouldn’t have changed anything, but it’s an observation. I imagine that this delay can have more impact if the promotion lasts only two days, for example.

Results of the free promotion :

Mais Qui Est Donc Sister Love ?

France: 57 sales

US: 1 sale

Germany: 3 sales

Italy: 1 sale

Japan: 1 sale

Canada : 1 sale

TOTAL : 64 sales


Who Is Sister Love?

US: 67 sales

England: 5 sales

Germany: 7 sales

Italy: 1 sale

Canada : 2 sales

TOTAL : 82 sales

TOTAL of sales: 146 units


The sales in Italy are a real enigma, since I never could find my books anywhere on!

The only significant result ranking-wise was on : the last time I checked the book was third in Kindle\SF-fantasy-horror\science-fiction and 36th  in free ebooks. Rather positive indeed... except you can’t check ranking by sales on Amazon, but only popularity (the book appears on page 2 in the Kindle SF category on, and on the product link, ALL rankings have disappeared completely at the same time the promo ended.

So I’m dubitative about the true impact of this free promotion, we’ll see if it has any result on further sales. In any case I hope I will have some reading feedback at last, even if apparently many download the free books to “read them later”, which more often than not does not happen.


Details of the results:

Mais Qui Est Donc Sister Love ?: 57 sales. Ranking: #3 in Boutique Kindle > Ebooks Kindle > SF, Fantasy et Terreur > Science-Fiction, #36 in free ebooks. The novel is in the top 50! 1 sale. Ranking: #10 in science-fiction-livres français, #10 in science-fiction, #6211 in free ebooks. 1 sale. No ranking available. 3 sales. #44 in French ebooks. Ranking: #3217 in free ebooks. 1 sale. This one is an enigma, I can’t find the novel on the site! 1 sale.


Who Is Sister Love?: 67 sales. Ranking: #12 in fantasy-superhero, #6 in fantasy-alternate history, #4115 in free ebooks. 5 sales. Ranking: #16 in fantasy-superhero, #20 in fantasy-alternate history, #9845 in free ebooks. 7 sales. #61 in novel in English-fantasy-science-fiction. Ranking: #2257 in free ebooks. 2 sales. Ranking: #73 in science-fiction, #4285 in free ebooks. 1 sale. Astonishing, how Italians do that?


A few remarks:

- the rankings are really odd, the sales can increase and the ranking decrease a the same time, in huge amounts (500 to 1000 ranks at a time!)

- the English sites seem to have classified, and rightfully so, my novel as fantasy-superhero, a category I haven’t chosen myself since it was not on the list I had! And when I go on, the novel is nowhere to be found in that category...