28 mai 2014

Soldier Edgar Rice Burroughs, you're in the army now

When Burroughs writes his Indian tales, all doesn’t come 100% from his imagination and researches. He indeed was in the American cavalry… for ten months!  Burroughs always dreamt of a military career, which was synonymous for him with adventure and romanticism. Shortly after graduating from the Michigan Military Academy, he fails the entrance exam at West Point. Whatever, it wouldn’t prevent him from living his dream, and if possible, in the “worst” post of the United Taste. What did he ask for! In his mind, “the worst” was... [Lire la suite]
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27 mai 2014

Apache Devil, the sequel of The War Chief, by Edgar Rice Burroughs

The sequel of The War Chief takes place three years after the end of the previous novel. Shoz-Dijiji as well as Geronimo and his tribe are now in an indian reservation, and subject to the indignities imposed upon them by the Indian Agent, who starve them. Geronimo decides to risk everything. Although he's willing to live in peace, he leaves the reservation, hoping that the pindah-lickoyees will leave him alone. That was not to be. This time, there are dates given in the novel, and for a godd reason, since it follows... [Lire la suite]
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22 mai 2014

The War Chief of Edgar Rice Burroughs

This novel, written in 1927, was only translated once in French, in a few issues if the fanzine La Tribune des Amis d’Edgar Rice Burroughs in 2010. On the other hand, its sequel Apache Devil was released in French by the Néo editions in 1986!  This novels features the tale of an American child, Andy McDuff, who will grow up in the very own Apache tribe that slaughtered his parents. Rechristened Shoz-Dijiji (“Black Bear”), and now a pure Apache in heart and soul, to the point where he becomes Geronimo’s son, he will take part in... [Lire la suite]
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