07 juin 2014

John Carter 2 and 3: "Could have been cool"

Andrew Stanton published on Twitter the message "Could have been cool. Had big plans..." with this picture:                   and then a second message: "...That would have led to even bigger plans.", with this picture:                   All those who have seen this are asking to see the sequels to John Carter! How about you? Put them on your favorites and retweet like mad! : ... [Lire la suite]
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21 mai 2014

Dynamite becomes official!

That was the great news yesterday in the small world (albeit in expansion) of the Edgar Rice Burroughs fans. The Dynamite Entertainment Company, which was publishing since 2010 unauthorized versions of John Carter, Dejah Thoris and Tarzan, and which had been sued by ERB inc in 2012, had recently stopped his run. It turns out it was only temporary! ERB inc got back the comics rights of John Carter from Disney and Marvel, and sold them to Dynamite Entertainment, which will soon officially publish “John Carter: Warlord of Mars” (as well... [Lire la suite]
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18 mai 2014

Just a funny picture of Lynn Collins/Dejah Thoris in John Carter!

Dejah Thoris fan of Kiss? The petition is at 12,100 signatures! Keep on spreading the word! http://www.change.org/petitions/alan-horn-chairman-walt-disney-pixar-studios-bring-back-john-carter-take-us-back-to-barsoom
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28 mars 2014

Spock of Mars!

Found on the internet, the combination of three passions of mine, Star Trek the original series, the first three Star Wars (1977-1983), and the Barsoom novels from Edgar Rice Burroughs. It gives... Spock of Mars! Combination of this Frank Frazetta painting: with this original Star Wars poster, the one with Sexy Leia and Hulk Luke!
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21 mars 2014

Llana of Gathol!

This book, the tenth of the Barsoom cycle, is composed of four novellas, but which form a continuous story, published in 1941 in Amazing Stories, and reunited as a 1948 book. This would be the last book of the cycle published while Edgar Rice Burroughs was alive. He died in 1950.  -          “The Ancient Dead”, published in the magazine with the title “The City of Mummies”: John Carter decided … to play the tourist, in Horz, the ancient city of the Barsoomian ancestors, the Orovars,... [Lire la suite]
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18 mars 2014

Synthetic Men of Mars, excellent!

Some Burroughs specialists, as Richard Lupoff, hate Synthetic Men of Mars. As far as I’m concerned, it’s always a delight from beginning to end!  After The Swords of Mars, Synthetic Men of Mars is the ninth novel of the Barsoom cycle, and even really the last novel, since the next two books, Llana of Gathol and John Carter of Mars, are both composed of novellas.  Following a mundane « car accident » (a collision between two airships), Dejah Thoris finds herself between life and death, and the Helium Doctors can... [Lire la suite]
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15 mars 2014

Swords of Mars!

The eigth novel in Edgar Rice Burroughs' Martian Cycle begins in an uncharacteristic manner. Most of the time the writer's heroes just react to events, they seldom are the main thrust of the adventures they live. I their calm periods of time, they are in general very happy to stay home and live mundane existences. Here, John Carter, who hadn't been the main character since the third novel, Warlord of Mars, decided to put an end to the wrongdoings of a murderer sect which operates from the city of Zodanga. To this end,... [Lire la suite]
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07 mars 2014

Two years ago precisely, John Carter was released in France!

Two years ago, day for day, I was walking in the streets of Paris, from my work in the 17th district to the Place Clichy in the 8th district. I had already done this walk many times, and I would do it many times more in the future, but never before did it seem so long.  I’m heading right ahead via the boulevard des Batignolles to the Pathé Wepler theater, Place Clichy, Paris, France, to see John Carter. I had taken my afternoon from work to be at the first official showing on the first day of the movie’s release.  In... [Lire la suite]
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05 février 2014

Synthesis of informations: John Carter 2, is there still hope?

And why not? As its hero, who claims in the face of adversity "I still live!" like a motto, John Carter the movie seems to gain step by step a cult movie status.  - Let's remind that at the time it was released, John Carter had the honor (dubious but real) of being the most pirated movie at this moment! That's right, there's a ranking for that, I was as astonished as you, if you just discvovered it...  - If the American box-office was abysmal, it was not the case in the rest of the world, in particular in two key... [Lire la suite]
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26 janvier 2014

A new wonderful picture of "Chainmail Chick" as Dejah Thoris!

A new picture of "Chainmail Chick" in her Dejah Thoris oufit, taken by Jarod Kearney! https://www.facebook.com/#!/TheChainmailChick?fref=ts The Facebook page of Jarod Kearney, with other cosplayers photographs: https://www.facebook.com/#!/TheChainmailChick?fref=ts  
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