On one side we have a music video that represent all the excesses of the genre. "Give me a hangar, some smoke and I make you a music video". The song was featured in Rocky 4 in 1985, but it doesn't use any footage from the movie. Sporting a great mulet, Robert Tepper, thus alone in his hangar, jumps on crates, looks directly into the camera with a mean expression, hit on grids (not too strongly though, otherwise it's obvious they would fall), and his great action moment is letting his coat slide on the floor. Epic!
















And now the same man, some thirty years later. Sweaty, on stage at the Whisky à Gogo, his hair, now gray, cut short. His moves are less energetic, and he says without illusion to his audience: "this may be why you spent your 20 dollars", before beginning to sing what his probably his only hit song (but at least he has one!).

And it's wonderful. 4 motivated musicians, a chorist, and the gravelled voice of Robert Tepper, very moving.

At the end of the day it was just an awesome song.