Andrew Stanton Still thinks about John Carter, it’s a rather small bit if news, but there’s always that! Since it’s seemingly proven that there’s an underground lake on Mars, for real, Andrew Stanton tweeted: “And plot points of GODS’ [of Mars] just keep becoming a reality”. Indeed, since one of the discoveries fait John Carter makes in the sequel to A Princess of Mars, is that there’s an underground sea on Mars, the Omean Ocean, which can only be reached by airship, though a vertical pit ina  mountain (an ancient volcano?).

We still don’t have any news about the event Andrew Stanton wanted to organize to explain what could have been seen in the sequels to John Carter. And unfortunately, no news about an eventual sequel.

We’re now six and a half years after the release of the movie in March of 2012, and periodically articles still appear listing John Carter among movies that didn’t deserve to fail, like this one, dated July the 10th of 2018:

“The pedigree was there on this one, with John Carter based on the books of Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs, directed by Pixar legend Andrew Stanton, and brought to life via one of the biggest budgets in movie history. Pitched as ‘Indiana Jones on Mars’ the resulting film was very much a swashbuckler, with Taylor Kitsch playing the title character, a Civil War soldier transported to the alien planet of Barsoon (sic), where he encounters all manner of alien creatures, meets a beautiful princess, and becomes embroiled in an epic conflict. But the early trailers were fun-free, the reviews mixed, and while the movie made money, that exorbitant budget — combined with the huge marketing campaign needed to establish both the characters and the world — resulted in Disney losing a fortune on the project. And shelving plans for a trilogy.“

For your information, the five other summer blockbusters that didn’t deserve to fail are Big trouble in Little China, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Rocketeer, Tomorrowland and The Nice Guys. Let’s also note that even if i would have liked to state the opposite, John Carter officially didn’t earn money as it is stated in the article. If the movie did indeed earn 283 million dollars worldwide, only a fraction of this amount landed in Disney’s pockets, so not nearly enough regarding the 250 million dollars the movie costed.