An IMBD user (International Movie Data Base) whose name is listed as septembermorn321 had some fun listing on November the 30th of 2016 with his/her choice for the John Carter sequel, that he/she named "The Return of John Carter" instead of "Gods of Mars". Through the link below you will see the photos associated with each name:

Those who would come back:

Taylor Kitsch: John Carter

Lynn Collins: Dejah Thoris

Willem Dafoe: Tars Tarkas (with the mention "killed by Matai Shang", which doesn’t happen in the book)

Samantha Morton: Sola

Mark Strong: Matai Shang (the main antagonist)

James Purefoy: Kantos Kan

Bryan Cranston: Powell (flashback, which doesn’t exist in the book)


The newcomers:

Amber Heard: Phaidor (the daughter of Matai Shang)

Antje Traue: Thuvia (35 years old as of 2016, which could have been a problem later on, see Max Charles as Carthoris below)

Kevin Durand: Dator Xodar (surprising choice given that this Black Pirate has, as the name imply, black skin. Maybe this choice is linked to the fact that the “red men” in fact sport red tattoos, so maybe the idea was that the Black Pirates had black tattoos. I’ve heard about this theory from other fans, and to me it would be a complete countersense to the point Burroughs was trying to make in the story.)

Antonio Banderas: Zat Arras ("part-time jeddak" of Helium, in place of Tardos Mors, reportedly lost while he was searching for John Carter after he disappeared. He’s from Zodanga, and hates John Carter)

Maggie Smith: Issus (the goddess in the flesh, mentioned in the first movie)

Frank Welker: Woolda (sic) (Voice) (Woola would have learned how to talk??)

Max Charles: Carthoris (the son of John Carter) (13 years old as of 2016. He’s supposed to have a love story with Thuvia later on, but as we see, he’s slightly underaged and both actors have a 25 years age difference!)


Director: Andrew Stanton

Producers: Lindsey Collins, Jim Morris, Bob Roath (the same as John Carter) + Justin Lin

Story: Mark Andrews, Michael Chabon (the same as for John Carter+Andrew Stanton) + JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzmann (I suppose septembermorn321 is very fan of the last Star Trek movies since 2009!) + John Lasseter

Screenplay: Edgar Wright, Jordan Roberts, Brad Bird, Len Wiseman

Composer: Hans Zimmer (never! Michael Giacchino forever!)

Songs: Adam Young, Linkin Park, Beastie Boys, Guns N’Roses, OneRepublic, Train, Phillip Phillips


Nice try!