My heart missed two or three heartbeats a few hours ago. In a commercial for a video game named Master X Master, I recognized... the Statesman from City of Heroes!! Statesman was a Superman stand-in (one who would have stolen Magneto's helmet) in the massively multiplayer City of Heroes video game, whose kast server shut down on 2012, November the 30th! Plus de détails ici :

A real geek trauma. So, yes, technically speaking, it's not that bad.

But seeing Statesman used again brings back bad memories, related to the sheer indifference of a gaming company at the time, NC Soft, towards a dedicated player community which grew an attachment to the game and which had hoped that NC Soft could sell the rights to another company, until the last minute. For a more detailed report about chat happened, there's this video:

So even if the game developers state that the character was included in this all-NC Soft character roster as an homage, and that they were themselves fans of City of Heroes (if that's the case, give us back the damn game), the pill is a hard one to swallow. Because frankly, as far as Statesman himself goes, no one gives a damn about him. The character himself is uninteresting. All the appeal of City of Heroes was to develop your own character, all the NPCs in the background held ZERO interest.

So, did a cynical gaming company just gave a middle finger to players, or is there hope, as some seem to think, that the said company is testing the waters to see if issuing City of Heroes/Villains again would be worth a try? We'll see, but in the meantime, as far as I'm concerned, I won't buy ANY game from NC Soft again, Statesman or not. The wound, even if it's entirely virtual, hasn't healed yet.