While I was searching for some John Carter poster image for the fifth anniversary of the movie's release, I stumbled upon Yan Le Pon's blog, a French storyboarder from the town of Lyon, who apparently proposed a video game to Disney Interactive before January of 2012, proposal that was rejected. On the link below you will find 15 storyboard pages that detail a rescue of Dejah Thoris. Also featured are Woola and some Tharks. Very promising, go visit this blog!

"Here is a storyboard for a video game project done at ELB studio for an adaptation of Pixar's first live action movie: "John Carter Of Mars".  the picture coming out this year, so it's an opportunity for me to show a sequence of game play in the canyons of Mars. This is a test, and unfortunately Disney Interactive had not responded to our proposal of games."

To this date, there is no John Carter video game project in the works.


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