Last night I had a dream. Usually I don’t remember my dreams at all. Sometimes I remember having dreamed something but without recalling any detail. And some dreams are so powerful you remember everything when you wake up. This is, of course, one of the latter I will write about!

 I was, in short, on the John Carter 2 set. It was in my hometown, in France. I had noticed, while walking by, a whole crew building movie sets. And as John Carter in the novels knows instantly that he’s on Mars from the moment he steps on it, I knew from the get go that I was on the John Carter 2: The Gods of Mars movie set. But even if I was sure about it, I was looking to some clues to confirm that fact, while walking among the crew wihtout being noticed. The sets represented a western-type town. When I turned back I could see high above the huge bridge that was in my hometown, made of shining white stones (in reality there is of course no such bridge, in my hometown or elsewhere).

 Suddenly I had the proof I was looking for. I saw, fitted in an old-West dress, the actress Amanda Clayton, who looked oddly enough exactly like Naomi Watts, but anyway I knew that I was standing before the actress that had played John Carter’s dead wife in the first movie. Probably was there other flashbacks planned for the sequel?

 And some moment later, I saw none other than Andrew Stanton, the director himself! I imagined the face of my Facebook friends when I would tell them that the sequel of John Carter would be shot these days in France!

 I kept on walking and began to climb some rocks up to a great scenery: a chinese-type palace on three stories, of a bright red color, with behind it huge cliffs adorned with a dozen waterfalls! In the palace itself, fountains also formed waterfalls, from story to story. All the scenery was brightly lit by a Summer sun, and magnified by a grandiose piece of music (composed by Michael Giacchino of course!). Inside the palace you could see many tourists (yes, tourists). We waved at them, and they waved in return. I turned back and saw that Andrew Stanton was there, scouting the area, holding a camera. His wife was there too (I never saw his wife, and I would be unable to say what she looked like in the dream, I only knew that she was there too).

 Another funny detail, I was  seeing sometimes the title of the movie written somewhere, namely « John Carter : God of Mars ». But it sometimes appeared as « John Carter : Krag of Mars » or « John Carter : Thals of Mars ».

 Here we are… I don’t consider this dream as prophetic at all, mind you, but I imagine it’s very revealing about my personal relationship, bordering on pure obsession, for John Carter. Its unfair failure visibly will inhabit my own personal geeky universe for quite more time!

 (picture by Jeff Doten)