To this day, after two months since the US release on July the 1st, The Legend of Tarzan eventually had a good box-office, in spite of the unexplainable critic backlash it suffered from.

In the United States, The Legend of Tarzan defied all expectations. When some critics were predicting a disaster like Pan, the Warner movie which cost 150 million dollars and had a meager 128 million dollars return at the box-office, The Legend of Tarzan earned week after week since its release more than anticipated, sign of a very good word of mouth among viewers. It eventually passed the symbolic 100 million dollars barrier to get to almost 126 million dollars to date.

Worldwide, the movie earned 354 million dollars. It is also on this level very close of an important threshold: it’s indeed commonly thought that a movie becomes profitable (and sequel-worthy) when it achieves twice its budget worldwide. The rumored budget of The Legend of Tarzan being 180 million dollars, the movie thus earned to this day 1.97 times its budget!

The Legend of Tarzan performed well, but will it be enough for Warner to greenlight a sequel? Time will tell. In any case, David Yates already has an idea for further Tarzan and Jane adventures on the big screen. And Warner would be foolish to not capitalize on Margot Robbie’s popularity, all while keeping in the fold a happy David Yates, who would probably be needed for the two planned Fantastic Beasts sequels, and especially at a time when discussions could lead to an adaptation of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, again starring Daniel Radcliffe!