Here is the second Tarzan trailer! The least we can say is that the marketing doesn't rest on its laurels. As the first teaser trailer was about to pass in view numbers its rival from the week before, Independence Day 2, Warner Bros is releasing a second trailer, only slightly longer than the first one:

What wan we learn about the movie? For the first time maybe we will see the end of John Clayton/ the future Tarzan. parents' tragedy. It's a very important scene to understand the pathos of the character, and it seems pretty accurate compared to the novel's. Yes, the cabin wasn't located many meters high (which is insanely dangerous considering the tiny ladder used!), but in a clearing, and in the novel, Tarzan's father didn't have the time to give his beloved spouse, Lady Alice, a burial. But the raw violence of the scene comes directly from the novel.

The first frame seems to be a callback to Johnny Weissmuller's movies, namely the Escarpment, a cliff on the top of which Tarzan lived, isolated from civilization. Will it be the same here? We see a few frames of what could be the death of Kala, Tarzan's adoptive mother among the apes, which will unleash quite a fex events depicted in the movie. Let's note a feisty Jane who refuses her "damsel in distress" status.

The only regret I have regarding this trailer is that it still doesn't give a sense of what the story is all about. It still focuses on action sequences. Maybe another trailer will reveal more? To be continued. In any case the first reactions are again very positive.

Was also revealed for this occasion a new poster I find very beautiful (see below), in unsusually clear tones. With these two words: "Human. Nature.", which in my opinion sum up perfectly Edgar Rice Burroughs' intent. When he created Tarzan, it was for him a way to explore one of his favorite themes, namely the connection between heredity and education, between the innate genetically speaking, and the environment influence. "Human. Nature." may be read as "Human Nature". But the punctuation reinforces also the idea that these are different things, perhaps even contradictory. The Christoph Waltz character, if I'm not mistaken, says he's disturbed by Tarzan's wild side. It's probably one of the strong themes of the movie. We can't be on the 1st of July soon enough!