It's been 4 years already that John Carter was released in all movie theaters in France, this very 7th of March 2012! At this time of the day, as I wrote in my post last year, I was hurrying towards a theater at the Place Clichy in Paris to be there on first showing, with my "Cycle de Mars volume 1" book in my bag. I had taken the afternoon off just for this event. Never distance seemed longer than in this day, matching my impatience. We were few in the room, unfortunately. At the end of the showing, I heard the following comment, which ultimately was to sum up the four years after that: "it was better than I expected"!

Many people that didn't show up in theaters on this day and the next ones, have since discovered and loved Andrew Stanton's movie, while regretting there was no sequel. And fools like myself keep on hoping in spite of all odds that if Finding Dory is a huge success like Finding Nemo, Andrew Stanton could get from Disney to repair the 2012 injustice by allowing him to direct John Carter 2. Yes, we are daydreamers, but after all, that's what A Princess of Mars is all about!

Happy birthday, John Carter. We're still alive, hoping to see the rest of your adventures.