After a wait of many months, the Kickstarter of the Conan roleplaying game by Modiphius Games was on since February the 17th of 2016. It got financed in a few hours at 45,000£, and finished at 436,755£ (that's the fourth roleplaying game which earned the most on Kickstarter. For those in the know, it beat Numenera and Call of Cthulhu 7th edition)! Were unlocked during the campaign:

- The core book, 368 color pages, harback with a cover illustrated by Brom. Are also already unlocked more illustrations.

- A first supplement, Conan the Thief, 112 color pages, hardback (which will be the format of all supplements except when noted) : covers the Zamora, Brythunia, Corinthia, and Nemedia countries. As the name indicates, the supplement will focus on campaigns for thieves.

- 16 set tiles, "Perilous Ruins & Forgotten Cities". The roleplaying game doesn't require them absolutely. They could be used for the Conan boardgame by Monolith.

- Every 100,000£ will be unlocked "Blessings of Mitra", the first one being a map of the Hyborian world, featuring only nations described by Robert E. Howard in the Conan stories.

- Conan the Barbarian: supplement describing the North, Cimmeria, Vanaheim, Asgard and Hyperborea.

- Conan the Mercenary: about Koth, Ophir and Shem.

- The Book of Skelos: supplement about magic which will also explore the links between the cosmogonies of Howard and Lovecraft!

- Jeweled Thrones of the Earth: scenarios, with a cover by Joe Jusko.

- The 200,000£ "Blessing of Mitra", a double-sided poster composed of some of the tiles you can buy as add-ons.

- 16 set tiles: "Forbidden Places & Pits of Horror"

- Conan the Pirate. Including naval warfare rules.

- Unlocked directly: a sourcebook with a scenario featuring Conan and Bêlit, both for the roleplaying game and for Monolith's board game.

- Beasts of the Hyborian Age.

- Conan the Brigand

- Nameless Cults, a supplement about cults and religions

- PDF books of the D20 version of Conan! +a conversion guide from D20 to 2D20

- Conan of the Mysterious East (renamed Conan the Wanderer)

- Ancient Ruins and Cursed Cities, a sourcebook

- Conan in the Kingdoms of the South (renamed Conan the Adventurer)

- Conan the Scout

- Conan the King


Were announced but unlocked, except for some pledges which will have them in PDF and/or print:

- The World of Kull

- a campaign book: The Shadow of the Sorcerer

- another campaign book: Waves Stained Crimson

- Spears and Fangs, a supplement about the Picts

- Secret Societies & Fighting Orders

Was also announced but not revealed: a sourcebook about the Age of Conan video game.

Pledges were varied, from 1£ (I wait to see later on) to 600£ (everything!). The shipping costs were not included, they will be fixed after the campaign! Here are the pledges with the prices in dollars.

1.44$: wait and see

10$: the player's guide in PDF, composed of extracts of the core book destined to players. As for all the supplements, they're 112 color pages in hardback.

21.5$: the Core Book in PDF

29$: a pledge for retailers

43$: the core book in print + PDF

57.5$: every books and stretch goals in PDF

57$: a pledge for the Art Book which will gather all illustrations by the renowed artists hired for the project: Art Book in print and PDF + core book in PDF + stretch goals unlocked in PDF

57$ : a pledge for the Monolith Conan board game: Monolith sourcebook (112 pages) in PDF+core book PDF+tiles in PDF

86$: a pledge for the Monolith Conan board game: Monolith sourcebook (112 pages) in print+PDF+core book PDF+tiles in PDF+ 2 tiles (out of 4) in print

86$: core book in print + PDF, + every book unlocked in PDF, including the Art Book

115$: core book + 3 player's guide in print + PDF, + every book unlocked in PDF

129$ : core book in print + PDF, + every book unlocked in PDF, including the Art Book + 3 supplements to choose in print

143$: everything in PDF, including bonus, card deckss and set tiles + every PDF of supplements released two years after the delivery date

143$: collector version of the core book (Conqueror's Edition) + PDF of every book unlocked

187$ : core book in print + PDF, + every book unlocked in PDF, including the Art Book + 36 tokens + 12 dice

360$: collector version + every goodie (bag, dice, dice track, tokens of Fortune and Misfortune, satin map + PDF of everything that will be unlocked

430$: every book in print (except the Art Book) + PDF of everything unlocked + everything that will be published two years later

575$: you can create a character for a supplements + everything in PDF and the core book in print (LIMITED to 30)

720$: you can create a character for the core book + everything in PDF and the core book in print (LIMITED: all gone!)

860$: everything in print + PDF, including goodies

1,367$: everything+ a character you create in the Core Book

1,880$: as the 1,367$ pledge+a... made of tree wood!

Almost each component can be bought as an add-on, provided they were unlocked.


Congratulations to Modiphius Games for this awesome Kickstarter campaign!