Warner Bros doesn't let go of the pressure. After the photos and the poster, here is the first teaser for The Legend of Tarzan!


What can we learn from it?

- We see Tarzan in his cot, discovered by Kala the Mangani, his future adoptive mother. She seems to have a child on her back, unlike the novels. Maybe is the toaddler Akut. Akut is an ape ally of Tarzan in the third novels, The Beasts of Tarzan. Maybe he will be in the movie an adoptive brother, and maybe it's him that is featured on the poster.

- Unlike the novel, but generally seen in the movies, the Tarzan parent's cabin seems to have been built in the trees (in the novel Tarzan's father built it in a clearing). Tarzan uses vines in this movie like in most of the others, which he doesn't do in the novels, which pisses off as a consequence many purists! And if it makes him look like Spider-Man, its a good thing. Tarzan is after all one of the fathers of every superhero.

- It seems that in the time period chosen in the movie Tarzan will have to fight the chief of the Mangani tribe, Kerchak. In the novel, it's during his teenage years, before he met Jane, that the fight takes place. I very much doubt it will be as violent in the movie than in the novel...

- The jungle is presented as hostile and full of dangers, as in the novels, not like a lost paradise or a playground, as in most movies.

- Chief Mbonga (Djimon Hounsou) is apparently the leader of the Leopard Men in this version, and an elite fighter. He was much less influent and powerful in the novels!

- Apparently, even in the movie's universe, Lord Greystoke is a pulp magazine hero!

In short, it's very promising. It feels good to be an Edgar Rice Burroughs fan right now!