First thing first, the trailers made by the awesome Michael D. Sellers, great admirer of Edgar Rice Burroughs and independent Hollywood filmmaker. Conscious of the abysmal weakness of the marketing campaign, he took upon himself to recut the official material, in these videos:

The trailer that made Andrew Stanton write: "they get it"!

John Carter of Mars trailer :

The "Heritage" trailer that highlights the fact that John Carter inspired quite a lot of people and movies:

John Carter of Mars: the journey



My favorite fan trailer, by William Farrelly. Who wouldn't want to see this movie?

John Carter: Inception style trailer:

 John Carter : the first 100 years by kantoskan2012 :

A trailer from "bigdawg1976", focusing on the love story:

And another, still by "bigdawg1976" using a song: Unity by Shinedown:

"Dejah Thoris and John Carter: Without You" (version Glee) by "Indre plumb" :

John Carter of Mars - tribute "Without You" of Benjamin Brelain, by PrinzHaldir

John/Dejah; my Blood by MasQueRade

John Carter tribute: the Red Boots - Strange Ways by Stoner Brazil

John Carter: Music Tribute HD (Epic Score: Leader of Armie) by jakubas1000

John Carter Linkin Park - Angels in the Sky, by... a Russian contributor!

John Carter: time of dying (rock music!) by Antonis Z. :


Official videos:

The "sizzle reel" cut in house by one of the editors of John Carter, Erik Jessen:

Behind the scenes in three parts (without comments):

The process behind the animation in John Carter:

Interviews of Lynn Collins: (first question: how could you leave Wolverine for Gambit?)

Featurette: John and Dejah:

Deleted scene: alternate opening scene:

For the record only, the catastrophic John Carter Super-Bowl ad:


Other videos:

Kerry Conran's demo reel (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) at the time he was to direct A Princess of Mars for Paramount:

And now in HD:

Animation tests of Bob Clampett when he tried in 1936 to make the first animated feature-length movie based on John Carter, which would have been the first, before Disney's Snow White! The lack of interest from theaters owners, all-powerful at the time, killed the project: