In the link below you can see pictures shared by Vincenzo Natali about four abandoned projects he worked on: first the adaptation of Neuromancer, with a representation of the breaking program used in the Matrix by Case, a vision of Night City, 4 pages from the script, Maelcum, one of the pilots that lead the heroes towards their goal in orbit, The Sense-Net Pyramid, infiltrated by Molly in the novel, and another landscape shot I can't identify, perhaps when Wintermute attempts to trap Case in the Matrix towards the end!

The four pages from the scenario are just extraordinary for a fan of the book. The death of Linda Lee takes place in another location, but with the exact same circumstances, and the scene marks the first real encounter between Molly and Case, when they knew each other a little before in the novel. But there are so much details that are so accurate! As inthe book, Molly chased Case in a previous scene, the dialog with Armitage is almost the same, we see Molly's mimetic suit used, and are even present the little robots that take care of the Zen garden just before Case undergoes surgery! That's faithfulness of the highest kind... It's really too bad to lose this screenplay.

Also among the projects envisioned by Vincenzo Natali, an adaptation of Stephen King's It (the remake is currently being made with someone else at the helm), a movie with the Predator, and an adaptation of DC's Swamp Thing, here represented with the first 4 pages of the scenario.

It's too bad that those visions won't be used in the near future. Fingers crossed for the planned Neuromancer adaptation.

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