22 mai 2015

Neuromancer: good news, bad news!

The good news is that financing is at least in place! The article linked below reports that the Chinese company C2M Media Group allied with the British GFM Films. The bad news is that the project starts again from scratch. Vincenzo Natali left the project. We knew for a while that he was no longer attached to direct, but it seems that his screenplay won't be used either. The names of Mark Whalberg and Liam Neeson had been evoked at the time. At one point there were talks for having the Corean director Park... [Lire la suite]
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14 mai 2015

Supergirl on CBS : super-first look!

As far as I'm concerned, Superman in live-action has been a catastrophy for years now. Between a Superman Returns that transforms its main character into a moping peeping-tom who stalks his former girlfriend, to a Smallville that doesn't want to assume the character, and a Man of Steel which just gives the urge to hang oneself before the adventures of this guy that voluntarily let his adoptive father die like a dog, the least which can be said is that the character was not at all served well in recent times. The... [Lire la suite]
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08 mai 2015

Article from 2015 May the 8th: 5 movies that really deserve a sequel

It's been now more than three years since the release of John Carter, and we still have from time to time articles which speak of this movie as one which deserves a sequel: case in point today, 2015 May the 8th: "The next movie that deserves a sequel is "John Carter" which was about this earthling who was able to go to Mars and became a hero. However, it was one of the biggest flops in the Hollywood industry as an estimated amount of $250 million went into the production but the movie only garnered $280 million when it was... [Lire la suite]
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