On the link above you can vote "yes" or "no" to the question "Taylor Kitsch wants a sequel to Disney's John Carter movie do you?". At the time I voted the "yes" was winning at 92%. Make your voice heard! The more voters the best!

The Taylor Kitsch quote is an interview given to the Variety site, where he regretted not being able to shoot the John Carter sequel, and that he was talking about it almost daily with Lynn Collins. He added, sorry for the curse word, that the story of the second movie would have been "fucking awesome". This interview is currently part of a lot of newsfeeds across the net.

The petition keeps progressing, it's now at 12,174 signatures, keep on with the effort!

The Facebook pages to like:!/johncarter2ramenezmoiaBarsoom (my page in French)!/groups/backtobarsoom/