Following the notes Vivien Prigent sent me since his enthusiastic reading of "Mais Qui est Donc Sister Love", I made a text revision as follow :

I made Steven Thorne a candidate at an absolutely impossible election in the United States of America: Gouvernor of Washingon D.C.! I had made researches on the internet, but they apparently directed me on the elected of the Washington State, which isn't the same at all! Steven Thorne therefore is now candidate to the MAYOR of Washington election, and I added a line which says that he expects to succeed where all other have failed, change the Constitution so that Washington D.C. becomes a real State. This also has two consequences : the "present" time goes from 2012 to 2014! The election for the State of Washington governor took place in 2013, the one for Washington mayor will be in 2015. And the person that congratulates Steven Thorne towards the end thus change sex too!

The changes should be online soon, again a thousand thanks to Vivien for his keen eye!