Finally, after months in development, Warner Bros officially greenlit David Yates' Tarzan (his first movie since the last four Harry Potter!). The movie will be released in July of 2016, with Alexander Skarsgard as Tarzan, Margot Robbie as Jane, Samuel L. Jackson in the part of Tarzan's sidekick and Christoph Waltz as the opposition. A 5 Stars Cast, a renowned director, a budget without a doubt substantial, here is a golden opportunity for a Tarzan we didn't heard of on the big screen as a live-action adaptation since 1998! Sixteen years later...

What about the fidelity to Burroughs? That's not really an issue, since absolutely NO adaptation was ever faithful until now! The story seems  original and not an adaptation of one of the novels. We don't know yet if it will contain fantastical elements (or science-fiction, since it's the approach of Contantin Films CGI Tarzan which is released these days. The critics are not good).

And finally, in spite of the fact that ERB inc said on its Facebook page that the "amazing development" was not about David Yates' Tarzan, they just confirmed today that it was indeed what they had aluded to. Needless to say, the fans that were waiting for a shock annoucement about eventual sequels to John Carter, including yours truly, are sorely disappointed.