The December month will eventually prove itself uneventful for Sister Love. No sale, no new commentary, and my attempts to have these books better known have given no result whatsoever so far.

 It’s been about six months now since the books are on sale in both French and English versions. Amazon recently changed its policy and doesn’t wait anymore that the royalties get to 10 euros to pay them. So I received two supplemental amounts of 2.90€, which brings the total income generated by Sister Love to 14.31€ precisely (some 21$)!

 Of course we always hope for an immediate and lasting success, in our dreams. I should perhaps be left bitter by the experience, and maybe I will feel that way later on, but for now I’m just proud to having led this project to the end. I’m already thinking about the follow-up, since I know how this all ends (A sequel for sure, maybe two), and I keep on writing a second novel, more in the crime genre, which will also end up around 50.000 words. I decidedly can’t write long texts!

 But I don’t give hope to make my dear little heroines known along the road. 70 people around the world hold between their virtual hands the French version, 84 have the English version. I leaves some hope that some of them will read and enjoy the book.

 Good end of 2013 to those who will pass by this blog before tonight, Happy New Year 2014 to those will read it after that, may your most awesome wishes become true!

 Your friend truly.