Still not satisfied by the covers of the Sister Love books, and having witnessed that the one created with Amazon's Cover Creator had no impact whatsoever on the sales, I decided to boldly try again to create an attractive cover. I'll let you judge the end result. One thing is for sure, I'm exhausted!

Graphic designer is a real job, and definitely not mine! I had created the original cover of Sister Love with no less than three softwares: quite simply Paint for the green spinning background, then Word to insert Wordart objects as texts. Then I searched for a software to cut the Sister Love silhouette I had drawn to insert it in the frame. Paint didn't allow this to be done, or at least not in a sensible way. I found Gimp, which allowed the cut to be made. But no way to insert the silhouette properly in Paint, it appeared in green and white instead of black and white... So I came back to Gimp to insert it and it worked. Relief! The result:













The new cover was entirely created with Gimp, and the least I can say is that I don't find it intuitive... After many trials and tribulations I got the result below. Sister Love is bigger, The letters less imposing, and the background is now many half-circles green on a white background. I tried to colorize  Sister Love but it ended up in embarrasing failures, so I left her in black and white.

Many I will keep on trying, but as of now it's the best I can do! To be continued. November ended with only one sale for the French version, still nothing from Kobo and Lulu, and I still don't see the book referenced on the FNAC website. While hoping better days, see you soon!

SLN gimp1