28 novembre 2013

Star Trek as I never read it before!

"These Are the Voyages : TOS season one" written by Marc Cushman is an impressive 600-pages book  detailing the genesis and the first season of the Star Trek original series, which means there will be two other volumes, for seasons 2 and 3. Am I complaining? Not in the least! Frankly, I thought I knew everything about Star Trek Classic, from the Making of to more recent reviewing books, from artbooks to actors, producers and writers biographies... I really thought I knew all. Apparently I was far from the... [Lire la suite]
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27 novembre 2013

The Five(ish) Doctors reboot

For the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, here is a video written and directed by Doctor number 5, Peter Davison, who brings along in its adventure Sylvester McCoy (Doctor 7, all excited to have played the Radagast part in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit movies) and Colin Baker (Doctor 6). The 31 minutes short is of course in English. Among the things to know to fully appreciate it: - The few frames of Tom Baker (doctor 4) are from the 20th anniversary episode of Doctor Who (1983). They were themselves archive footage, since Tom Baker at the... [Lire la suite]
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25 novembre 2013

100th visitor for the French version of the blog!

The French version of "At Sister Love's" has welcomed its hundredth visitor today! Time to look at the statistics of the English version: 58 visitors since July 2013. Since my blog is mostly a "throw-it-all" one without a fixed theme, it has no regular visitors, but some random visitors probably directed here by a keyword. Number one topic: the John Carter cosplay! http://normantrayeng.canalblog.com/archives/2013/09/07/27970742.html To be continued!
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24 novembre 2013

The Day of the Doctor: Happy Birthday Doctor Who!

Airing event yesterday on France 4, and simultaneously in some 75 countries around the world: the 50th birthday Doctor Who episode. The current Doctor (Matt Smith) meets two of his past incarnations (David Tennant and John Hurt) whose challenge is none other than the end of the Time War which took place before the rebirth of the series in 2005. It is thus like the end of a cycle, a finally solved temporal loop, which opens a new direction for the series. So Gallifrey, the planet of origin of the Doctor, is eventually... [Lire la suite]
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17 novembre 2013

Batman: Under the Red Hood, a question, no answer?

I didn't write the message below. It was written but the poster whose pseudo is Action Jeans, on 2013 october the 22nd, on the Red Letter Media message board I read. It sums up admirably my own thoughts about the innocence, not only necessary, but mostly indispensable, which goes with the most known superheroes. Our conclusions are opposed, since he seems to regret  the existence of the subject matter, when I agree wholheartedly with it. The tone is more brutal than what I would use myself,... [Lire la suite]
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16 novembre 2013

First payment from Amazon.fr!

I received a bank transfer of 11,41€ (some 16$) related to the first sales of the French version of my novel on Amazon.fr! Granted, it's not that much at all, but it's nonetheless something for an amateur author like me. Still no sale on Lulu and Kobo. To be continued!
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14 novembre 2013

The NIGHT of the Doctor: OH MY GOD I WAS RIGHT!!

But it was purely an accident. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-U3jrS-uhuo And my original post: http://normantrayfr.canalblog.com/archives/2013/09/16/28030109.html The 23rd won't be here soon enough!
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12 novembre 2013

A new November sale for "Mais Qui Est Donc Sister Love ?"

This brings the total of sales to an astounding 6 for the French version! With 64 free downloads, it means 70 people have the novel (versus 84 for the English  version including 2 paid for). Still just one feedback, but very positive. No sale yet through Lulu or Kobo. To be continued, folks!
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10 novembre 2013

Evil Dead the musical!

I unearthed a forum post I had written 6 years ago about Evil Dead the musical. I had really hallucinated upon learning the existence of such a project!  I slightly modified the post, since the musical is still played occasionally: I bought the CD of the “Evil Dead” musical, officially approved by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, created in 2004, and who is always played currently. Amalgam of the three films, more particularly of the first two, the whole show is filled with enthusiasm, funny and dynamic. The Evil Dead lover... [Lire la suite]
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03 novembre 2013

Results of October for Sister Love

It wil be quick: one sale for the French version on Amazon.fr, and that's all folks... Following the ending of the exclusive period on KDP Select (which brought nothing special, since no one borrowed the book and no feedback from the free downloads), I put the books in Epub format on Kobo.com and Lulu.com since the beginning of the month. As of now, no referencing on fnac.com, I sent an email to the ebooks department to know if there was another procedure to follow than... [Lire la suite]
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