03 novembre 2013

Results of October for Sister Love

It wil be quick: one sale for the French version on Amazon.fr, and that's all folks... Following the ending of the exclusive period on KDP Select (which brought nothing special, since no one borrowed the book and no feedback from the free downloads), I put the books in Epub format on Kobo.com and Lulu.com since the beginning of the month.

As of now, no referencing on fnac.com, I sent an email to the ebooks department to know if there was another procedure to follow than putting the book on the Kobo website, but no answer as of today.

No referencing either for the English version on Barne&Noble and Apple, apparently the delay would be 8 weeks, as indicated on the Lulu.com site. Impossible to put the book on Nook.com, since it seems absolutely necessary to have an american bank account (with a "routing number")!

No answer for my requests to various magazines, I imagine I'm far from being alone to try to have their attention. So, many efforts for nearly nothing. Self-publishing is a very lonely world!

So to be continued ! November is another month, let's erase all that and start anew! :)

SLN new cover
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