23 octobre 2013

Superheroes : their most impossible power, and they all have it!

The true ultimate super-power of the superheroes, they all have it and yet it does not appear anywhere in their characteristics: they are always right. And if they are wrong, their wrong is fixable. At the second this super-power is put to a fault, they become villains. Even the Hulk, considered uncontrollable, won’t kill any innocent bystander when he loses control in his moments of rage. This is why so much of fans were upset to see in Man of Steel a Superman too eager to take the teeth out of his opponent’s mouth at a time where... [Lire la suite]
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12 octobre 2013

The "Sister Love" published on Kobo and Lulu!

Here we are, I put the two "Sister Love" novels on sale in other websites in Epub format: - On Kobo.com, with the old covers, since it seems I can't use the one created on Amazon elsewhere. For now I haven't seen the ebook on the FNAC website. Perhaps it will be the case later on. - On Lulu.com, which is a platform to Itunes and Barnes & Noble, for the English version. The site converts directly the Word file in Epub, and this time it spotted the chapters without a problem, when with the Calibre... [Lire la suite]
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10 octobre 2013

A new sale for the French version of Sister Love!

Many thanks to the (I hope) happy purchaser of “Mais Qui Est Donc Sister Love?” yesterday, that's always as pleasure and I hope that you will appreciate the novel. That's 5 sales in all (+64 in free promotion) since I put the novels online in July, and 2 sales (+82 in free promotion) for the English version. Sure, it is very far from record sales, but I hope that a word of mouth will be able to settle during the months to come. If that adventure is to eventually succeed, it will be in... [Lire la suite]
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09 octobre 2013

Doctor Who: some missing episodes found!

The BBC had an annoying habit some 50 years ago, that to re-use its tapes, thus deleting hours of programs which she undoubtedly judged worthless. It is by realizing that practice that the actor Terry Jones succeeded in saving at the last minute all the Monty Python Flying Circus episodes at the time, by buying himself the tapes which were going to be destroyed! Doctor Who didn't seem to have that chance, since no less than 106 episodes in black and white of the First and Second Doctor thus... [Lire la suite]
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