One of my passions is Star Trek, original series (1966-1969) and Next Generation (1987-1993). Many fanfictions came out during the recent years thanks to increasingly accessible technical progress. Here is one in link which I find particularly remarkable. It’s a sequel of the episode “Who Mourns For Adonais” (second season, second episode), in which the crew of Enterprise meets the Greek God Appolo.

- The original actor who played Apollo in 1967 takes again his role with great class!

- Vic Mignogna plays captain Kirk. He manages to capture the mannerisms of William Shatner without making a caricature of it, and bring a personality of his own. A great performance.

- Vic Mignogna is also the director of the episode, Co-screenwriter, editor, composer of the few pieces that were not taken from the tv soundtrack and carpenter! Its versatility is not without evoking me the one displayed by our great Alexandre Astier.

- Larry Nemecek, who offers an excellent interpretation of McCoy, is more known as the author of the Star Trek Next Companion Generation book, and a Trekker at heart.

- Who else could have played Scotty that James Doohan’s own son, Christopher? He even has the luxury of having his name in the opening credits, an honor his father never had.

- Grant Imahara, who incarnates Sulu, is a special effects specialist in Industrial Light and Magic.

- It’s Marina Sirtis (the counselor Deanna Troi in Star Trek Next generation) who provides the voice of the ship’s computer, a part which was for a long time devoted to Gene Roddenberry’s wife, Majel Barrett Roddenberry.

- Of note is an appearance of another “Apollo”, Jamie Bamber of the new Galactica series!

In short, an excellent surprise for the fan I am. It’s easy to make fun of the Sixties series or to make it tongue-in-cheek. It’s much more difficult to ensure its continuity in a serious way. It’s what achieved Vic Mignogna and his team. It feels good to see that some still understand what Star Trek is after the transformation of the franchise into action blockbusters, which while mainly successful to some degree, nonetheless moves away the universe from its original spirit. I hope that it’s the beginning of a longer series which will deserve to be called Star Trek’s “season 4”. A fanboy can dream…