To enter in detail into the novel’s plot would be rather counter-productive, since the discovery of Sister Love’s mysteries is gradual in the novel. I can nevertheless say that the novel is of the “superhero” genre, anchored in our reality as much as possible. The largest part of the story takes place in 2014, and a chapter out of two is a flashback featuring the main character. At the contemporary time there are three main characters:

- Sister Love, a mysterious African woman who lived in the United States

- Steven Thorne, a powerful industrialist who lives in Washington

- Marianne Gaines, the girlfriend of Steven Thorne

Around them, obviously, there are supporting characters, but these three are the motors of the intrigue.


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The price is around 4$. The e-book is available on Amazon’s Kindle, as well as in Epub format on and (which makes the English version also available on Itunes and Barnes&Noble).

Here is an extract of the first chapter, which I hope will interest you:


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